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New Projects is a sub-forum of Projects which holds all of the brand new just starting out projects. These projects usually lack certain features such as a few screenshots or a demo which allows them to be moved into their proper places within the other Projects forums.

A high number of projects seem to site here until they are moved to Abandoned Projects. This is usually caused by a new user posting their game and then forgetting to return to the site, or an inexperienced user becoming frustrated and dropping the project- sometimes the RM hobby altogether.


Projects that belong in this category are those that are in a planning stage, that is, the author has an idea and a story synopsis and little more. However, with the addition of screenshots, working demo games and/or a video of gameplay, the New Project can be moved into the Substantial Projects board by an Administrator, and only and Administrator. It is worth noting that no user can post in the Substantial Projects board on their own.

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