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Nevfx's avatar.
  • Join Date: 30 November 2006
  • Position: Member
  • Aliases: Nev, Nevy
  • Age: 17
  • Leaving Date: Left for a while during 2007; returned later in 2007; left again March 2007; returned February 2008
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Nevfx is a member of the RMRK Forums. He has been since November 2006. He was very active, then left, but returned, only to leave again soon after. He has now returned again.

Not necessarily immensly popular, but due to posting frquently (initially at least) most people knew the name, even if they never spoke to him.

Buddy List

Nevfx has 5 member of his buddy list.