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Aliases Crein
Position(s) Member
Join Date September 24, 2006
Member ID 2766
Status Banned
RMRK Member


At first, Naphe seemed like just another RMRK member, posting prominently in the RPG Maker sections. He would help out other members with their errors and script problems. But little did everyone know that Naphe would soon become one of the most disliked members in RMRK history.

It didn't take long for Naphe's ego to start shining through; often degrading other members because they couldn't figure something out in RPG Maker and would make claims about finally having created a system to do something, when a system for that something already existed.

The day after he registered Naphe created a topic about his RPG Maker project, which can be found here. Members such as GilgameshRO and Tsunokiette saw this topic as nothing more than a bunch of lies. There were still some there, however, that were willing to give him a chance. Even though it was generally believed Naphe was lying he went on updating his topic, and those who didn't believe him just left him alone. Eventually the topic was moved to the Trash by Naphe.

Naphe continued to post completely outlandish things in other topics as well, and when he was called out on it his response was generally a mysterious threat, often along the lines of "You shouldn't be harassing someone based on their opinion, you might not know what will happen". His "threats" became more outrageous as time went on, often threatening legal action, and in the case with arlen, threatening to contact his ISP and have his internet disconnected.

Eventually Naphe realized he wasn't wanted around RMRK anymore, and opened a new topic in Welcome, announcing his departure, and then adding his martyr message to the ends of many of his topics. Most members believe he was just making this topic to get attention, and then to lurk and see what members had to say about him leaving, and this was proved to be true when a simple "Last Active" check was done by looking in his profile, and when he continued to post anyway.

Events like this lead members to question Naphe's age, as anyone who would act like this is surely young or very immature. On the RMRK forums, Naphe's profile indicates he was 12 at the time. Elsewhere he has said he is 14, and even 16. He has denied all of these.


Finally it was decided that Naphe would be banned, permanently. Mostly this was put into effect to keep Naphe from deleting his posts. Users at RMRK wanted the evidence to support them whenever they needed it, and also for a good laugh. This lead to the creation of The Legacy Of Naphe by Zypher.

However, encounters with Naphe have occured recently outside of RMRK at the NetPlay Plus forums.

Martyr Message

When Naphe announced he was leaving, he posted this message on the ends of several topics:

"Due to the incompetance of Silverline's actions I've decided to leave the RMRK community. By Silverline's action to feel the need to impress the mature of the RMRK community rather than to better the community as a whole, I've finally become fed up with this corrupt and misleading rule. Though for those who still want to know the whereabouts of me and my various projects, you can find me and my projects at the forum I originally created for the Unity idea that you may find in the, "RPGMaker 2000 & 2003, XP" forum.

(Link removed, please don't advertise outside of the advertisement forum.)

Farwell CommonDragon, Blizzard, Zeriab, and everyone else that made the community an enjoyable and beneficial designers of all ages.

With Deepest Regrets,

Naphe Urozuki"

Obviously, the line "(Link removed, please don't advertise outside of the advertisement forum.)" was originally the link to Naphe's invisionfree forums, but was edited out by Silverline, as it was in direct conflict with the rules.

Naphe's Forums

Before the downfall of Naphe, he had created forums on invisionfree, and called it, even though that's not what it was. It was intended to be forums where members would work on a single project, similar to the original idea for the guilds. This is how he advertised it anyway. When one joined the forums, it turned out it was just a place to create a portfolio, and let "designers" find you through that portfolio to get you to help them with their game. In addition, the forums were also poorly designed and incredibly hard to read, and required the viewer to highlight text to be able to make out words.

Even though Naphe claimed he would have more members there than Crankeye in no more than 2 weeks, by the time he deleted the forums several months after their creation, he had barely 30 members.

Some RMRK members who joined his site before they saw Naphe's true colors, wanted their accounts deleted from Naphe's forums, but he refused to do so. Some of these members include HaloOfTheSun, arrowone, and BanisherOfEden.

The deletion of these forums were due to an issue at the NetPlay Plus forums.


Naphe is commonly under scrutiny due to his tendency to add too many words to his posts. Often, it is assumed, he tries to show he is intelligent by using large words, often multiple times in a row. When he does this, he tends to end up just not making any sense, and, in addition usually mispells the words. He is immediately made aware of this.

Here is a prime example of this:

"Did you ever manage to recelect that what you just said might have been offensive to the girls of this forum. Yossy has already brought it to everyone's attention, but your ignorance is putant in that matter now isn't it. I would recommend that you think before you do, and your actions describe your personality."

This was in reference to SexualBubblegumX.

In addition to this, Naphe has a large ego, often claiming he can do things in a much more efficient way than others. This also isn't helped that he appears to be a compulsive liar, often making incredulous claims that no one would believe, such as making a game with graphics so great, no video card can handle them, and also claiming to be working for Namco/Bandai.

Community Involvement

However egotistical he may have been, he still helped out a few members with RPG Maker.

Forum Activity

Most of Naphe's posts are now actually in the Trash, but can still be viewed. Others of his still exist in Scripts and Tutorials.


Other than Blaze, Mental, and perhaps SexualBubblegumX (debatable) Naphe has likely caused more forum drama than any other member in RMRK's history. Many of the fights with Naphe that occured were primarily with Roph, arlen, Malson, HaloOfTheSun, and SexualBubblegumX.

Naphe claimed that he had been working with Blizzard at Namco/Bandai, which was eventually proven to be true, although Naphe ended up being fired, yet, of course, lied about that too. His alliance with Blizzard is still in question.

2006 RMRK Awards

Naphe was nominated for the following categories:

His nominations for Funniest Member and Best RPG Maker User (Technical) were just as a joke.

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