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As RMRK could be considered a forum with pretty light rules, moderators do not stand out as much as they might on other forums.

RMRK has remained moderated by a select few members for most of it's years, though recently (reflecting the boom in posting rate), more moderation has been needed.

In The Beginning

Originally, the RMRK Forums were moderated by the members ReFreak, neosiris and lavalon, all of whom are not around any more. (neosiris did not become a moderator until May of 2004, when he took lavalon's place.) For a while Crankeye was the only person who would (or could) fix certain mistakes or lock threads in need of it. Though this was no problem, the forums were quiet then and there was little to no arguing or intense discussion as there is now.

Early Years

As the forum's popularity grew, so did the posting rate. Also around this time, the frequency of Crankeye's visits to his forum declined, resulting in less moderation. Most members would agree that in late 2005, things were beginning to get out of control. It was at this time that Crankeye responded by appointing some extra help for moderation. The members chosen were:

In addition to becoming a moderator, therophster changed his username to Silverline.

After a short while, Silverline and Halo were granted global mod status, and shortly after that, dwarra stepped down from his position as moderator. Pegasus stopped coming by the forums, and left just HaloOfTheSun and Silverline as the only active mods. Yossy was commonly recommended to be given moderator status, but before this could happen, the forums went down, due to exceeding bandwidth.

When the forums were moved over to a new server, Silverline became an administrator, and made Yossy a global mod. Later he also granted single-board moderator positions to other members:

Ultimately, Zypher lost his mod status after an incident with SexualBubblegumX, where Zypher edited Fu's personal text.

Due to Yossy's declining activity, HaloOfTheSun had the responsibility of moderating the RPG Maker section, but because of him no longer using the software, he suggested Blizzard be given moderator status over these forums.

After this, all mods were given power over all forums, but global mods Yossy and HaloOfTheSun were given Super Moderator status.

On February 11th, 2007 (CST), Tsunokiette became a moderator, due to more moderation needed over RPG Maker sections.


For a short amount of time, Nightwolf has been given moderator status over the new child board to Spam, Nightwolf Kingdom. This technically makes him staff (and former staff after the forum is gone), but this is the only time as of yet Nightwolf has been a moderator.


As with Nightwolf, BanisherOfEden has his own kingdom. However, when Nightwolf's kingdom went due to his request, BoE's was taken away as well.


On March 20, 2007, Holkeye was given moderator status over the Creativity Outlet forum. He was later made a Super Moderator.

Blizzard stepping down

March 25, 2007, Blizzard resigned from his position as moderator. In order to replace him, Zypher was reinstated as a mod. A few days earlier before Blizzard stepped down, Deliciously_Saucy was given mod status. Blizzard claimed that the reason he stepped down was because he was spending too much time at RMRK, as fun as that might be.

As of March 29, 2007 Blizzard has re-taken position as moderator of And then stepped down again, and actually left RMRK~

HaloOfTheSun stepping down and then returning

In June of 2010, HaloOfTheSun stepped down as an administrator, and left RMRK. In late 2011 he unexpectedly came back and in March 2012 was reinstated as a moderator along with yuyubabe as a local mod for the Community forum and its contained subforums due to the impact of the HALO4MOD 2012 campaign.


Super Administrators

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Has total control.


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As well as all the below powers below, Administrators can modify and assign usergroups, can create, delete and modify boards, can directly change post counts and rep, can edit smileys as well as other things.

Super Moderators

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As well as all the below powers, Super Moderators aren't limited to the 3 hour wait period between giving and removing rep etc etc etc etc


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Local Mods

Past Staff