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  • Join Date: Unknown
  • Aliases: Mental, Sam, The Chemist, TheMusterdMan

Mental was one of those members who always spoke his mind. The problem was, he had such strange views and opinions on things, it was usually hard for people to accept. This is especially noticeable in Intelligent Debate.

He began spamming up topics, mostly in Spam, actually, with unfunny topics and posts, and gravedigging incredibly old topics. (The spam in Spam would've been ok, except it was topics like "My nose", and the post would just say "."

When Mental admitted to liking emo bands, FuMannChu was one of the first to flame him for this. Several other members followed, however, because either they thought Fu was cool, or that they just genuinely didn't like him.

It should also be noted there were a few members who didn't like Mental before it became popular to do so, and early posts can still be found to prove this. Those members include Westfield and HaloOfTheSun, and a few flame wars had already occured between them and Mental before everyone realized how annoying Mental could be.

Multiple Accounts

Apparently, Mental was getting bored, possibly meaning he was only there to cause trouble anyway, so he started creating other accoutns. Here are just a few: The Chemist, TheMusterdMan, IThinkIhaveAids, Shroomfreak, ScarletSurfboard, and some think originally Blizzard Odin may have been Mental.

Everyone Bans Mental

When dwarra became bored with the forums, and before he resigned as mod, he handed his password out to a few people, and since at the time dwarra had banning priveliges, those poeple used them to ban Mental, for just a few days at a time. Silverline or Crankeye would remove these bans when noticed (when Mental didn't actually deserve them. He was banned a few times because he earned it.).


Mental loved to troll the IRC spamming /b/ memes. Disregard the fact that he got bored with it you can still sometimes see him doing it.

Deleting His Account

One day Mental brought it upon himself to start gravedigging again, only this time he was doing it all over the forums, and not just in Spam. HaloOfTheSun deleted those posts, and told Mental to stop it, or he'll delete all of his posts. This was, of course, an empty threat as proven later, but Mental took it seriously - after he continued to gravedig. When Halo saw this, he began deleting Mental's necroposts, and then some of his older pointless spam for good measure. Mental thought all his posts were actually being deleted one by one (which undoubtedly would have taken more time than it was worth) and so he deleted his account. He came back again under different names, but ended up leaving again or being banned anyway.


The true personality of Mental isn't quite known. It's obvious he was only there to cause trouble, and have fun for himself, so it's assumed that isn't how he was really like. He claimed to be bisexual (which in a forum of young kids, that didn't go over very well) although he later said that was a lie.

He was often called an emo, and even though almost everything he did at the forums proved this to be true, he denied it always.

Community Involvement

Mental started the short-lived fad of creating fan clubs around the forums.

Forum Activity

Mental most commonly posted in Spam, Forum Games, Intelligent Debate, and Entertainment.

2006 RMRK Awards

Mental was nominated in the following categories:

He tied for 3rd place for Best Chat Member with Yossy and arrowone, and tied in 2nd place with Nightwolf for Most Immature Member.