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  • Join Date: September 5, 2005
  • Aliases: Master_of_Time, MOT, Ricco Suave
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Master_of_Time was known most for his RPG Maker project, which was a Zelda fan-game.

During the Spam Crisis, when Inaru created a topic with a list of suggested members to become a new moderator, Master_of_Time was one of the most voted for. He was a bit too eager to become a mod, however, and this was probably one of the reasons he never became one.

MOT was also a member of The Dark Masters guild, in the music group. At the time, he was just a beginning composer, but HaloOfTheSun took him under his wing, along with eternal_renegade, and to this day still critiques his music and offers advice on how to improve them.

Recently he has returned to post some of his music in Creativity Outlet, although his posts today are almost entirely contained to that one topic, and he has said he isn't back for good, he only wants comments.


Master_of_Time was a fairly laid back guy, and never got into the forum drama much. He was also one of the nicer members, and was well-liked by pretty much everyone.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Master_of_Time would show off his silly side often in Forum Games and Spam. Other than that, he was a prominent poster in Projects/Games (now those posts are in Abandoned Projects), and was a big poster in the Post Your Picture and Signature And Avatar Rating topics.

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