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  • Join date: September 21, 2005
  • Aliases: Kirk, Manga, "Magnadude"
  • Position: NOTHING! lol
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male
  • One of the "senior" members. (Senior meaning he has been on RMRK for at least a year.)

Commonly known as the brother of Captain Callahan. Nothing too unique stands out about mangadude; he was there primarily for RPG Maker, and didn't post very often. However, occasionally a post by him could be found in Video Games or perhaps even Creativity Outlet.


He seem to be very quiet in the beginning of his membership, but then continued to be on the forums at least once a day. He wasn't a massive spammer like his brother, but did in fact post quite a bit.

He became a little active on MSN, talking with dwarra, Zxmelee, and Ramiro, as well as several other members from the forums.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

His interests Included the Projects/Games, Forum Games, General Chat and Spam forums.


One project always stood out from his normal RPG making. This game was the first to really feature real people from RMRK, and you would be able to talk to other characters. Are though, there was one enemy in which happened to be blueXx. Surprisingly he didn't seen to care because of its lack of quality. And in fact was right, the project was made in less then a day.

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