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Aliases Maia
Position(s) Advanced Rpg Maker
Join Date January 18, 2006
Member ID 1809
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Maia was a prominent RPG Maker user. She completed four personal RPG Maker projects, created various text tutorials and generally participated frequently in the RPG Maker section of the forums.

At one point, she became the moderator of The Librarium.

Maia left RMRK unannounced in July 2009.


Maia is even tempered and seldom got upset, even under unfounded criticism(See: I am amused at another forum). She was also fairly creative, posting several stories which can be found in The Librarium. Additionally, she likes to display her creativity through RPG Maker, and she enjoys and prioritizes the creative element of RPG Maker over the glitter of custom scripts and graphics that many other RM users demand.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

The majority of maia's posts are found in the Finished Projects section of the forum (making up almost 10% of total posts in that board). She can also be found in RPG Maker Discussion and Ask A Stereotype.

2007 RMRK Awards

maia was nominated in the following categories:

2008 RMRK Awards

maia was nominated in the following categories:

maia marked her place in literature by claiming the 1st place Best Writer award as her own. She also grasped the 2nd place award for Best RPG Maker User (Creativity), and tied with Kashii for the 2nd place award in Most Attractive Female Member.


maia has finished four projects: Maia 2k3, Maia 2k7, Willa & Rott, and Sealed Stronghold.

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