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Aliases none
Position(s) Novice RPG Maker
Join Date 27-07-2009, 03:52:12
Member ID 8720
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Love joined RMRK in August of 2009, and was one of the forum's youngest members at 13. She had a rather short run on RMRK, but she was generally thought of as kind and optomistic, and due to her age even "sweet". Although she was last active in late 2011, her last post was on 30-12-2009. She was from Egypt, and would be 15 right now.


Love's affect on the forums was one of upbeat happiness. Not once in her stay did she say anything negative to another member, unles you count her posts in the "Say Something Rude About the Next Poster" game.

Community Involvement

While not directly involved in any projects or contests, she seemed to take interest in what others were doing and offered moral support to many.

Forum Activity

The vast majority of Love's posting was in the Forum Games boards, although she bravely ventured into The Sewers a handful of times.


Love was really laid back and didn't participate in the drama.

2009 RMRK Awards

Love was nominated in the following category:


"I am the love in your heart."

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