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Aliases LoganForrests
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Join Date 01-05-2010, 09:34:06
Member ID 9761
Status Active
RMRK Member


Logan joined the RMRK forums as LoganForrests in January of 2010. Since that time, he has slowly become one of our staple members. He lives in England. Logan has a hard time stopping himself when thrown into a project, especially writing, and he always has a notepad handy. According to the Meyers-Briggs personality indicator, Logan is INTJ, the rarest type. He sometimes daydreams that he's Jack Bauer until the toaster he's staring at in reverie pops his toast up. Logan indicates in the Useless Facts about yourself thread that he is put-off by hair in certain places, even on the legs. He likes to be well-shaved. He also states that bad smells make him feel ill, he is addicted to tea, and he can only sleep if it's in a bed and he is facing away from the center. More of these random facts about Logan (in case you'd like to stalk him) can be found Here.

Logan is one of RMRK's more reserved members. He shows great interest and talent in scripting.


Being the thoughtful person that he is, Logan rarely posts anything that isn't relevant to the topic or interesting in some way. His posts give the impression of someone soft-spoken, but if someone requests something outrageous in the Script Requests board, he's not afraid to tell them so. That probably is because he's always cruising that board looking for ways to help, another puzzle to solve. He is very verbose and intellectual, and always looking to help others.

Forum Activity

Not surprisingly, Logan is most active in the Scripts board and the Script Requests forums. He's been seen in the Tutorials section, and he's been spotted in The Sewers once or twice.


Logan is too reserved for drama, but he has been known to flare up a bit at annoying script requesters. You have been warned.


Logan has supplied 7 VX scripts in the RMVX Scripts Database.

2011 RMRK Awards

2011 RMRK Awards
Best RPG Maker User (Scripting)3rd

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