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  • Join date: January 04 2008

Legend of Jam registered to RMRK after reading a Chat topic in the CyberConnect Forums about an annoying member named "Naphe". He found the link to "The Legend of Naphe" topic created by Zypher. After close inspection of the topic, Legend of Jam replied to the topic in the Chat Board on CyberConnect, explaining how much Naphe was an annoyance to any community he had registered himself to.

Legend of Jam is a frequent user to the CyberConnect Forums as he is a big fan of the .hack//series of games, and with the creation of CC's new game, TW R:2, he became even more active.

Legend of Jam also created his own Forum site about Games, which he officially opened on December 25th. After much agreement, he managed to open the forums with his own domain address which he acquired for free. He is now happily watching his forum come to life after only a few days.

He now is looking for a good life playing peacefully on the new R:2 game, while enjoying his time chatting with his friends on the CC BBS.


Legend of Jam has a different personality depending on how he is feeling at different times. He is more of a night person to a day person, so you could say he is "nocturnal".

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Members in Legend of Jam's buddy list are: Currently None

LoJ Links

YouTube: http://youtube.com/profile?user=JamZmat MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/xjamzx3 Bebo: http://xX-Proud-2-Be-Me-Xx.bebo.com CC BBS Profile: http://www.cyberconnects.com/bbs/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=11845

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