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Aliases LadyJules
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RMRK's Mom

Join Date 22 March 2008
Member ID 5726
Status Active
RMRK Member


LadyJules joined early 2008 and immediately became well-liked by forum members and regulars of IRC. Many members remember her from her frequent postings to Bean Bags and her general helpful nature. She was shortly thereafter appointed moderator to Bean Bags and remains one still, even after she was promoted to the position of Super Moderator.


She is a very helpful member of the forums who often joins in on the fun. She is fairly sane on the RMRK sanity spectrum but isn't afraid to post in The Sewers. Many members cite her as the kindest and most mature member, as is evident by her nominations and awards.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

LadyJ posts mostly in Community, General Chat and Bean Bags with the occasional Sewer post.


LadyJ is an actively loved member who doesn't involve herself with silly drama.

RMRK Awards

2009 RMRK Awards
Best Counsel (Bean Bags)3rd
Kindest Member1st
Most Deserving Of A Promotion2nd
Most Mature Member3rd
2010 RMRK Awards
Best Counsel (Bean Bags)2nd
Best IRC Chatterbox-
Kindest Member1st
Most Attractive Female Member-
Most Deserving Of A Promotion3rd
Most Mature Member2nd
2011 RMRK Awards
Best Counsel1st
Kindest Member2nd
Most Mature Member2nd

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