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Aliases kitkatkan, kitkat, kat, Kathryn
Position(s) Pi is really just 3
Join Date July 23, 2008
Member ID 6420
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Her presence on the forums generated lols and :beans: among the other members. When she first came around, Kitkat posted in the RPG Maker threads, but very soon introduced the general section to her posting palette. Her contributions could be seen anywhere from Entertainment all the way down to the dank depths of The Sewers.

KitKatKan became inactive in mid-2010.


KitKat can be described as "soooooo random" and "silly." She is generally an amicable person, usually resisting urges to join in on some flame wars, and instead opting to remain a neutral, yet perky, third party. She is an avid Kirby-phile, and spent nights managing Kitkat's magical cheese shop of mystery and wonder.

Community Involvement

When Game In A Week 4 began, Kitkat was excited about entering a game, but sadly had to pull out at the last minute due to time constraints.

Forum Activity

Kat is a general all-around poster, adding to any thread that she finds interesting.

2008 RMRK Awards

Kitkat was nominated in the following categories:


As of this writing, Kitkat is virtually drama-free. (We'll see if it lasts, in a place like this)

She is also the first victim of the revolution. Oh, and the revolution was here :-)

Kitkatkan is right now pretending to be:

  • On the run, on the run from the FBI
  • tied to a chair
  • schizophrenic or otherwise legally insane
  • eight in june
  • ALIVE?!

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