Kefka Palazzo

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Kefka Palazzo
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Aliases Kefka, Akfek
Position(s) Member
Join Date February 14, 2007
Member ID 3654
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Kefka Palazzo joined RMRK on February 14th, 2007. He was an administrator on the IRC network #crankeye was presently located at, which is how he discovered the forums. His normal alias was "Kefka," but it was already taken on RMRK, forcing him to append "Palazzo" to the end of his username.

He left the community after #crankeye moved to another IRC network.


Kefka was generally nice, but immature. His humor included randomly typing phallic words such as "penis" and "dongs."

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Most of his posts were arguably unsubstantial, contributing almost nothing to the threads he posted in.

The large majority of his posts were in The Sewers.


Roph and Kefka supposedly got into a fight. This could be why #crankeye left Kefka's IRC server.



"Penis penis"




"This is one of my posts."

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