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Aliases Jap0911, Jap, Jappy, setsuna0911, Josephine.
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Join Date March 20, 2007
Member ID 3914
Status Inactive
RMRK Member
How cute is she? ^_^


Jap0911 has only been a member of RMRK for a short time, but has become very popular despite her small post count. She currently resides in Indonesia although she was not originally born there, she is Japanese-Chinese. Jappy is currently working on a medieval/fantasy novel, she has a wide taste in music which include; Pop, R&B, J-Pop, Ballad and Slow Rock. jap0911 is also bisexual.

On the 1~April`07, it was revealed that Jappy had been spending too much time on RMRK and was most likely going to be banned from internet usage by her father, much to the sadness of the members of the forums, if this happens she will be gone for a month.

jap0911 is into poetry and art and also draws quite well herself, you can see a selection of her work at Jappy's personal website.


She is a very friendly member, with a cute personality that has made her well liked. Many of the members of RMRK have developed a crush on her, and who could blame them? But please remember she is only 13.

Community Involvement

Jap has made some very useful RPGMaker guides in the tutorial section or RMRK.com. These include;

  • [JAP's Storyline Tutorial]

JAP is also one of the Writing teachers in RMRK. Her current student is Snailer. It seems as if she has quit, however.

Forum Activity

Even though she has only been a member for a short time, Jappy likes to visit; Spam, Projects/Games and Creativity Outlet.


JAP's RPG project for RMXP is titled Dawndusk.

Description: In the World of Dawndusk, everything is controlled by The Dawn and The Dusk. Yet, The Dusk, controlled by his love towards The Dawn, decided to destroy Dawndusk, so that he can stay forever in heaven with her. The Dawn revealed his plan, and she went to Dawndusk to find The Twilight, the key of The Dusk's plan.

This key, is only a young boy named Zelos...

Other members involved:

This game is finally cancelled. JAP might consider to re-develop it someday, but she cancelled the online release, not the offline release, because the size is too big and Jappy's internet connection might die only to upload it. D=

jap0911 also has an RPG development team namely Somnia Exodus (http://somniaexodus.blogspot.com/), which mainly consists of her, verbaism (Jappy's big brother), Yuuki-chan (Jappy's little sister) and still trying to get more staff.

She's trying to make a movie by using RMXP titled Spirits Saga, but currently is still confused at coloring her designs (desperately wants a tablet).

2007 RMRK Awards

jap0911 was nominated in the following categories:

jap tied for 3rd with Roph and Mastermoo420 in the category of Most Boring Member

Jappy's Crush List

A list of RMRK members who like jap quite a lot <3

Feel free to add yourself to the "I have a crush on Jappy" list ^.~


An example sig that she made for Blizzard.

Jap was kind enough to create forum signatures for several members as gifts. Some members posted saying they felt left out, or that they were forgotten, even though they had only been registered for a few days. Other more notable members were left out in the first batch, but she uploaded them later.

As well as being kind enough to do this for many members she also accepts requests of title, forum signature and team logos as stated in her signature. The only requirement of being active and having over fifty posts. People lucky to receive a Japified signature are:

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