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Aliases JAWK
Position(s) Advanced Rpg Maker
Join Date March 24, 2007
Member ID 3942
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


He used to be on IRC quite often.

When Jalkson joined RMRK it was for the purpose of becoming a mapping student. He wasn't exactly posting for help and wasn't blabbering about either. As many people have noticed, his mapping has just improved with time and he knows how to pull off some interesting stuff.

Jalkson joined RMRK in late March 2007. He is one of the few highly regarded members with a low post count, seeing him post is as rare as finding a million dollars in Central Park.

He was also the owner of RMRevolution, another RPG Making site that was growing at a nice and steady pace. He worked as an admin alongside with Nouman.

Jalkson was made an RMRK Moderator at one point. He stopped posting in December 2008 and no longer wears a Moderator badge.


Jalkson was a very kind, calm and collected RMRK:er. He really likes to use weird smilies like :] and =] which not only makes you lower your guard but also makes it easier to talk to him. He wasn't the type who picks fights with anyone and tends to steer out of trouble.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

When you see his posts they're usually in General Chat or Community.


As previously stated, Jalkson is not the type to pick fights. No history of fights between him and anyone else has come up, and it is very likely that he never will be involved in any major drama, either.


<Jalkson> Die Nouman. :O

<Jalkson> :]

<Jalkson> =]

2007 RMRK Awards

Jalkson was nominated in the following categories:

2008 RMRK Awards

Jalkson was nominated in the following categories:

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