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Aliases Irockman1, Cory Amarti, Dr_Pickle, Hurrrrrrrrrr, fgtrock, Tuna, Raphael
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Join Date September 10, 2006, 07:15:35 PM
Member ID 2697
Status Active
RMRK Member


Irockman1 came to RMRK in seek of RPG Maker knowledge. He made a few resource requests, and asked some basic questions about RPG Maker XP. One day Irockman1 went into IRC and got into a large argument, immediately flooding the channel with "SHIT HEADS" repeatedly. Unfortunately, there were no ops active at the moment, and was only kicked. He kept coming back until an op returned and banned him. At that point Irockman1 was basically hated. When he posted, usually a member pointed out that he was the one that flooded IRC. His rep continued to fall so he decided to create a thread about it. In this thread GilgameshRO and others started to really get annoyed with him. Gilga started deleting all of Irockman's senseless posts, and it seemed Irock was about to start bettering himself.

Irock had announced he was leaving RMRK on April 17 2007, a bit of a controversial topic. Many members didn't really care if he left, and even some were glad that he would be gone. Although after creating this topic, he still continued to post elsewhere in the forums, thus becoming a liar by not leaving. There were still some members who believed he would come back again, due to his lack of willpower. This, of course, happened a little more than a week later. He was surprisingly given a friendly welcome at first, but that soon changed. He then went on to say his attacks against Nightwolf, Roph, and Holkeye weren't serious, and he didn't mean them. Obviously no one believed this. He then claimed he would only be posting in RPG Maker sections of the forums, and no where else. Later that day he posted in the Anonymous, lol forum, and was caught in the act. He then started changing what he said until he said he would be posting everywhere, and he is also now active once again in IRC. The fact that many members spend so much time in IRC is one of the reasons he left, further proving his hypocrisy.

On December 18th 2007, Roph gave Irock an administrator badge. Roph made the announcment in this topic. He had several moderator powers, but he had no administrative options, and no access to the mod hut. It was intended as a joke, but many were very suspicious of the situation.

Irock has shown great interest in Stencyl, and has been given mod powers over the Stencyl forum. Some would agree that Irock is overly defensive when it comes to Stencyl, and many have questioned his interest in the project. He still frequently posts on Stencyl's forums and follows the development.

He still moderates the Stencyl forums and hangs around in their IRC channel. He is working on multiple games, many of which were scrapped at some point in development. Notable titles are The Binding Force and Robichai.

Irock is often made fun of. One of the most overused Irock insults involves the amount of space in between his top two front teeth, though there are many other things about him to poke fun at. Putting Irock's face on pictures of other things and people is also done quite often. An example of this can be seen here. Irock believes they do it simply because everyone else does it. He even compared it to people watching American Idol. The insults may not bother Irock, but they must be dealt to him at every moment possible.

Although Irock had a rough start at RMRK, he stuck around and is now one of the more respected members. That being said, it would be a mistake to take anything he posts or says in IRC entirely seriously.


Although he can be crude and insensitive at times, Irock is really a generally nice person. He is very rarely serious, which makes him a fun person to talk to. He's easily made fun of, which is half of the fun talking to him, though he doesn't seem to mind the jokes. He tends to start debates with people over the most mundane of things as well. An example of this would be a debate he had with Malson over the proper way to prepare ramen noodles.

Community Involvement

As of August 6th, 2009, Irock was given the position of Global Moderator. It is not yet known if this is some elaborate hoax or if he has truly proven worthy of messing with members posts.

Forum Activity

He has obtained over 16,000 posts. This is due to a thread Roph created where anyone can post as Irock, so much of his post count is not really him. The forums he is most active in are The Sewers, Video Games, and Community. He is also the highest in online time.


In the past, he's been accused of caring too much about his post count, as was shown when Roph (playing a joke) set Irockman1's post count down substantially from what it really was.

In his topic announcing his leaving, he fueled the fire behind the other drama that had gone on previously that day, aimed at Holkeye. His topic was mainly aimed at how he wasn't happy that RMRK wasn't focussed solely on RPG Maker, and then went on to attack Holkeye, Roph, and Nightwolf, who were all in his buddy list.

Irock has gotten in many arguments with RMRK members, mainly in IRC, though when the arguments start to show a sign of turning into a "yes it is" "no it isn't" fight, he begins to get sarcastic.

Projects & Achievements

Irock has created some very famous RPG Maker games. The series he's working on is called Eye of the Tiger and is beloved throughout RMRK. Eye of the Tiger is the game that won The Guilds war due to a... technicality.

Eye of the Tiger series

Stencyl Games

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
Best Writer-
Biggest Forum Potato2nd
Biggest Member Moderator2nd
Favourite Staff Member-
Post Of The Year-
Thread of the Year3rd
Zero to Hero1st
2008 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member-
Best RPG Maker User (Mapping)2nd
Best Use of Avatar and Signature Space-
Best Veteran-
Biggest Drama Whore3rd
Biggest Forum Potato1st
Favourite Staff Member-
Hero to Zero3rd
Most Attractive Male Member-
Most Deserving of A Promotion-
Most Immature Member2nd
Most Successful Troll-
2009 RMRK Awards
Best Chat Member1st (Tied with HaloOfTheSun)
Best RPG Maker User (Creativity)2nd (Tied with Reives and Sailerius)
Best RPG Maker User (Mapping)1st
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space3rd (Tied with Firerain and grafikal)
Best Veteran2nd (Tied with Holk and Modern Algebra)
Biggest Forum Potato1st
Favourite Staff Member3rd
Funniest Member2nd (Tied with Holk and HaloOfTheSun)
Most Successful Troll2nd
Zero To Hero1st
2010 RMRK Awards
Best IRC Chatterbox1st (Tied with Anski)
Best RPG Maker User (Mapping)3rd
Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space-
Biggest Forum Couch Potato1st
Favourite Staff Member-
Funniest Member3rd (Tied with Djangonator and Roph)
Most Immature Member-
Most Successful Troll1st
Zero To Hero2nd (Tied with Redwyn)
2011 RMRK Awards
Best Game Creator (Non-RM Programs2nd
Best IRC Chatterbox2nd (Tied with Anski)

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