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Position(s) Member
Join Date June 16, 2005
Member ID 480
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


In Inaru's early days at the forums, she wasn't very talkative. Her post count increased quite slowly. That paired up with the fact she never used an avatar made it seem like she would be nothing more than just another run-of-the-mill member, who would post for a short while and then leave. However, she actually turned out to be a more prominent member of the forums.

After members such as blueXx and Blaze started arriving, she felt that she should have been promoted to moderator, although it never happened. Many of the members thought she would have made a decent mod, yet there were others who felt she was too eager. In any event, she still went on acting like a moderator, often trying to break up arguments (usually between Blaze and someone else), and when she did this, more often than not Blaze, or even blueXx would drag her into the argument.

In the Post Your Picture thread, Silverline tried numerous attempts to get Inaru to post her picture, but she never did.

Inaru was also a member of The Soft Souls.

In her last post at the forums, she stated "The truth is i am leaving because I don't have time anymore... ...I also don't like the direction the forums going in. Too much flaming.". That was April 12, 2006.


Many would say Inaru stuck by the rules too much, and didn't know how to have fun. But there were times when her sense of humor would show through, and she would make some pretty humorous statements. She was also a decent debater, sometimes besting even blueXx.

Community Activity

Forum Activity

Inaru was seen mostly posting in General Chat and Creativity Outlet.

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