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Channel: #crankeye

Web Chat: Click here

IRC Channel

The RMRK chatroom has been around for a long time; it was created in Q4 of 2005. It came about after requests from members for an irc channel or some kind of chatroom, which Crankeye eventually provided. The chatroom was originally on the Windfyre IRC network, and the channel's name was originally #RMRK. This changed to #crankeye in mid 2006 though, after (due to inactivity) the channel had been dropped and re-registered maliciously.

The channel was originally very underused, and members joining were unlikely to find another member in it, and even if they did, that other member was usually away. There were occasional spikes of activity. Sometimes, if members saw that Crankeye was online, they would all rush to the chatroom for a chance to talk to him. Later on after Silverline, Dwarra, Pegasusgamer2005 and HaloOfTheSun became moderators, they were given moderator powers in the channel also.


During and after the downtime, the channel picked up in activity greatly. Most members were first timers, wondering where the site and/or forums had gone, though some regulars decided to join. With Silverling bringing up, the channel's activity grew even higher, and it began to see real use.

Modern #crankeye

The #Crankeye channel is now almost always populated with at least 10 users. A select few users are given moderator / operator powers in the channel even though they may not have respective status on the forums. This comes about in order to guarantee that there is always somebody there able to deal with any possible troublemakers. This was boosted by the addition of a bot that automatically kicks and temporarily bans people who flood or repeat messages within an unreasonable timeframe. IRC is currently without a bot, but there has been no need for one in quite some time.

  • Many RMRK users, even though they may be regular on the forums, have never used the chat. They are encouraged to try it out.
  • The chat plays an important part in RMRK as a whole. Perhaps the most important or noted proof of this was Deliciously_Saucy's promotion to mod status, after her not being a member for very long (this is actually not the fastest, as dwarra was made a mod a mere 6 weeks after joining). Members who only ever used the forums and not the chat, most notably Blizzard, saw this as a bad thing.

IRC Regulars

The following members are most likely to be seen in #crankeye on a regular basis: