Harry Burns

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Aliases Harry Burns, SirJackRex, Mexneto, SJR
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Join Date February 12, 2007
Member ID 3639
Status Active
RMRK Member


SirJackRex first joined the forums under the name Mexento. Initially, he was mainly active in the RPG Maker section. He wasn't the most popular member on RMRK and was not noticed much by others. Since then he has changed his username to SirJackRex and has also changed the way he posts on RMRK, now members notice his posts and is quite popular with some members, such as Tezuka, Zypher, Djang, Skanker and Irock. SirJackRex's personality is quite laid back and can be funny at times.

SirJackRex mainly can be seen posting in Video Games, The Sewers and Community.


SirJackRex is a laid back member that can be quite funny at times. He can be very very nice to talk to in IRC, which he is friendly and will always be polite when needed. SirJackRex would always apologize for insulting fellow members of RMRK, which makes him seem like a kindhearted member.


Zypher's has said that he reminds him of Zypher when he was younger. They have both also been to Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY.