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Aliases Stereotypical, The Box, Gracie the Bitey, Mein Captein.
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Join Date October 13, 2010
Member ID 14929
Status Active
RMRK Member


Generally loveable, quirky, and caring. Outgoing in the best way. Approachable and if you give her a chance, BIZARRE. Grace is a swell girl that is mature for her age, despite a sense of humor that speaks to the opposite. Her self confidence is lacking, but this is hardly something that is able to stop her from truly shining as an individual of great value. Grace is also a furry, but this is a fact she does not openly admit,simply because she does not want it to affect peoples judgement of her.

Community Involvement

Grace has a topic for sprite and pixel art requests in the RPG Maker section, containing a very excellent frog for RPG Maker VX. More art is surely forthcoming. In addition, she has an art topic in the gallery.

Most noteworthy of all however is the radio show she co-broadcasts alongside Dave (Another recent addition to the RMRK community). From seven to nine PM (GMT -0) every Wednesday, Dave (keeping things on track) and Grace (flavor commentary) host a rock music and talk radio show titled "Trauma Sponge". The music is excellent, the dialogue is amusing, and it's all far, far too short.

Forum Activity

Posting regularly, she is a contributor to many threads and always a welcome addition to conversation. She has no enemies and is well liked

2010 RMRK Awards

Gracie won the 2010 awards, under the category of "Best Newbie".

Moderator Status

On the 26th of April, 2011, Gracie became the merciless and tyrannical ruler of the sewers, a status she obtained by asking Roph very nicely. No, really. At the time of writing, Gracie has a habit of simply abusing her power, since its the sewers and nobody gives a shit.

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