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Aliases Gon, Gono, Seaking
Position(s) Member
Join Date November 28, 2006
Member ID 3133
Status Inactive
RMRK Member

Gonorrhoea is an ailment that affects a man's naughty bits. Thus, guard your naughty bits when Gonorrhoea is around.


Gonorrhoea showed up at RMRK about the same time as Djangonator and Jesus Hitler. His original intent seemed to be to troll. Later, he seemed to have realized that by not doing it as excessively, he was less likely to be banned and so therefore could continue doing it.

Gon had changed his name to "Seaking", accompanied by the custom title "Fuck yeah, Seaking!", an enforced meme of 4chan's /b/. He was also given Extra Access membership but he asked for the badge to not show up on his profile making him a "hidden member".


Besides the disgusting username, Gonorrhoea was actually a very nice guy. Hah! got you. You would have had to prepare to be insulted and have your intelligence insulted if you were to disagree with one of his opinions. Gonorrhoea was an angry person, though underneath this he is likely just a big softie. Just look at his avatar.

Though Gonorrhoea was indeed quite condescending at times, he could make a good debate. He browsed and posted almost exclusively in the Intelligent Debate forum. He has been banned before, and has come close to a second ban, though it never happened.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

As said, Gonorrhoea remained almost exclusively in the Intelligent Debate forum.

2007 RMRK Awards

Gonorrhoea was nominated in the following categories:


He was the source of quite a lot of drama, though other members seem to have realized that this is just how Gonorrhoea was, and they can usually focus on the points he is making whilst ignoring the condescending parts.

He hated Elegy with a passion.

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