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Ghost Dog
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Aliases Ghost Dog
Position(s) Unlimited Power
Join Date December 17, 2009
Member ID 8983
Status Always Present
RMRK Member

Ghost Dog is a paranormal entity who haunts RMRK.


Ghost Dog made his debut in IRC in the latter Winter of 2009 where he tormented users with his apparent unrestrained power. He had demonstrated his ability to op himself in the channel by his own command and kick unsuspecting and seemingly innocent victims. Amongst his first victims were community favorite, Skanker. Ghost Dog made it perfectly clear that the only thing anyone had to fear was him.

A thread was posted by HaloOfTheSun regarding the recent hauntings in IRC, where members of RMRK showed a great deal of distress and fear after learning of and possibly experiencing the paranormal events. Ghost Dog soon made an account on the forums and made his presence aware to the masses. The voice of Ghost Dog was heard across the thread, although all recordings of the event have mysteriously vanished. There is, however, a transcript:

You cannot see the unseen. It is the day of dawn,
but not the dawn of the day. Time will go by, as
evening approaches, but you can't see it. The constant
weight of tomorrow indefinitely crushes you and your being,
each day it becomes heavier. I return to feast. Let the
fear overcome you, because you can not fight it. You cannot
defeat Ghost Dog.

No one seems to be able to totally understand what Ghost Dog means by the words of which he speaks. He has spoken words such as, "I do not hunger for your body or its inhabitant" but threatened to feast upon certain people soon after. Ghost Dog himself has stated, "You can not harm what you can not understand."

Ghost Dog has killed a few RMRK members and allegedly forced their souls to endlessly fall in eternal voids, which, according to Ghost Dog, exist in an entirely different dimension.

FBI has an ongoing rivalry with Ghost Dog, as FBI is an enforcer of laws while Ghost Dog is bound by none. Their first encounter took place in 2009, where FBI claimed to have been tracking Ghost Dog for a long time. He said that Ghost Dog used to be "smoke and mirrors" and a "myth" perpetuated by illegal Mexican immigrants in order to prevent their kids from becoming decent members of society. A surprised FBI exclaimed, "Now it looks like he's real." Ghost Dog has successfully driven FBI away during each encounter. However, in 2012, for the first time, Ghost Dog transported FBI to an alternate dimension where he was assumably tortured by Ghost Dog. He was later released by Ghost Dog, who apparently grew tired of torturing him. A shaken FBI left the scene thereafter. It's important to note that although this occurred as FBI was about to arrest yuyubabe after her trial (even though the judge declared that Pacman be the one sent to jail), that it is extremely unlikely that Ghost Dog's intentions were to specifically aid yuyubabe. As always, Ghost Dog's ultimate goals and true motives remain unknown.


Ghost Dog's personality can be described as sporadic, ruthless and unpredictable. The reasons as to why he chooses to spare some but not others and why he chooses the targets he chooses aren't understood. However, he seems to usually pick victims who show some amount of bravery, though that doesn't always hold true. One thing that can be assumed about Ghost Dog is, he acts only in his own self interest.

RMRK Awards

2010 RMRK Awards
Best Username2nd

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