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The General Chat Forum, viewed under the default skin on December 31st 2006

General chat is one of the most widely used forums on RMRK. At the time of this article, it's post count had recently surpassed 4,000.


This would be the place where all other topics go. You want to see what other members are using as their desktop? Maybe you want to talk about the latest diaster to strike your area? Perhaps the weather locally is substantially conversation worthy? Maybe you have an interesting news article? Well, maybe not - if your article is particularly controversial, it usually ends up in the Intelligent_Debate forum. But it was worth a shot!

Spam and advertising is however NOT TOLERATED OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED FORUMS, despite the "everything else" attitude regarding General Discussion. So don't bother trying.


You may occasionally find the following people screwing with your posts in General Chat. HaloOfTheSun, Silverline, Crankeye and Yossy.