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A category of RMRK Game Creation, this board is for users who want to discuss the finer, uncategorised points of the several RM engines. It also holds threads which discuss the software itself and the things developers can do to make their projects easier, more fun, or just plain cooler.

What the Board is Not For

As stated explicitly in the thread for this forum's rules, this board is NOT for asking questions related to doing things in RM; that's what the Tutorials board is for. Nor is it for the discussion of software related errors and problems; that's what the Troubleshooting board is for.

What the Board is For

Discussions not related to specific tools are welcome here, everything from nifty ways to package one's game to using other programs to supplement a project, such as video or audio editing software, optimization tools, and the like.

Posts regarding how one developer may use the RM features is also okay to post here. Opinions on which RM is best have even been stickied to this board. Basically, any discussion OUTSIDE OF Troubleshooting or Tutorials is allowed.

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