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RMRK Game Creation is a general board whose "children" encompass the categories for which RMRK is most often browsed by guest users (unless you count the bots and perverts looking for porno). Its content are the boards dedicated to the several categories of RM use, and the RMRK Advanced board.


In Game Creation General Chat, users discuss the technical aspects of the RM engines that may be related to any RM or any other tool which aids in game creation. It is not maker specific.

The Projects board contains any and all projects offered on RMRK, including Completed Projects and Abandoned Projects. It is not maker specific, but is divided into project statuses such as Substantial or New and includes a Review section to discuss complete games.

Tutorials & Eventing Help is where developers can find tricks and tips for their RM project and find out how the software's built-in features work. It also contains some pre-made event systems and tips on creating events of one's own. It is broken into maker specific boards.

The Resources board hosts the RM specific sub-boards which showcase RMRK's user-submitted resources, resource links and requests for such resources. It too is maker specific, and includes a section for multi-platform and non-specific resources as well.

In the Scripts board, coding for nonstandard RM functioning is produced by users or linked to if from an external source. Script requests are to be posted here. This section is further divided into RM specific categories.

Program Troubleshooting presents solutions to software errors like installation difficulties and difficulty running the RM programs. It is stressed that this board is not for assistance in game development.

Other Game Making Programs covers any software that produces games that is not an RM such as Stencyl or Game Maker.

RMRK Advanced is an invite-only area for users who have been deemed knowledgable in RM use.

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