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This article currently only documents the current 3 forum layouts. It'll be expanded later.

Current Themes

RMRK currently has 3 (technically 4) themes from which users can select from. They are listed below. All of them are created from a single free SMF theme, and each new theme has deviated further from the original design. The default theme, RMRK2, has only simple colour changes, whereas RMRK2 - DARK changes the whole layout's appearance entirely. RMRK2 - PINK takes that one step further.



Created shortly after the current default skin by Silverline, RMRK2-DARK is the second most popular skin, at the time of this article having 14 users. RMRK2 - DARK is the only theme that Silverline has published on the SMF's (The forum software RMRK runs on) Community.


This is the theme where mo