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Aliases Kaden
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Join Date June 24, 2007
Member ID 4557
Status Active
RMRK Member

Firerain initially came to RMRK for help with RPG Maker, though he no longer uses it. At first, his abrasive personality caused many members to dislike him, and he was even banned for a short period of time. He has since become one of the more popular members, and although he sometimes goes for periods without posting, he is often found in IRC.

At the time of writing this article, Firerain is drunk.


Firerain is very bold and upfront, and will often troll. Despite this, he's fun to talk to and actually has a soft spot for his friends at RMRK (although he may not admit it).

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Most of Firerain's posts can be found in The Sewers, Community, Entertainment, and Video Games. Firerain can often be found in IRC as well.


2008 RMRK Awards

Firerain was nominated in the following categories:

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