Feb 2008 Crash

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On Februrary 29th 2008, at approximately 7PM GMT, Rmrk officially blew up. In a bitter co-incidence, this was the day that RPG Maker VX was finally officially released in english, and this happened a mere hour or so after Crankeye.com added the new files to its repository.

What happened?

RMRK's enormous database suffered a major mySQL table crash. For those not accustomed to such things, basically, consider a filing cabinet spontaneously combusting. Being the wonderful thing mySQL is, it attempted to self-repair automatically, though this too also failed and not only succeeded in corrupting vast amounts of the data, but also brought the entire server down with it.


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Still alive! Kind of.

The server itself is fine. Anything else on the server that was not directly linked to RMRK.net's mySQL database was fine (evidently, as you are/were reading this). Crankeye.com IS linked with the database, and as such was broken too. During the time, RMRK.net and Crankeye.com both displayed an identical page, offering what the majority of both sites' visitors for that particular day would want - the newly released RPGMaker VX.


Calm down young one. Not only does RMRK's stellar host keep monthly, weekly, day-before and daily backups, RMRK's own real admin, Roph, ignores all insults of being a nerd and continues to vigourously backup. His most recent backup was automatically generated and deposited offsite after the RMVX announcement was made - meaning only a few hours (possibly) of posts may have been lost. He still has the raw (albeit heavily corrupted) current mangled database, so it may turn out that not a single post is lost. We have certainly learned from the past.


Everything is now back to how it was. Well, sort of. There was so much corruption (it turns out there was curruption leading up to the crash, forcing us to dig further back into backups to get clean data), that around 60 hours of posts have been lost to oblivion. February 27th in the early evening was the most recent snapshot without any corruption, so it was decided to simply fully restore from that backup.