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This member was formerly known as Darklord.

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Aliases Darklord, The_Darklord
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Join Date January 22, 2006
Member ID 1841
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Falcon is most active within the RPG Maker section of the boards, and so he has become quite prominent there, though many users who have stopped using RPG Maker don't know him due to his whopping 20 post count in Spam. Over his time here, he has generously created many CMS's for people, as well as several tutorials which show off his expertise with RPG Maker.

Due to him being prominently active in the RPG Maker section, the more well-known members who no longer use RPG Maker had to become aware of Falcon in another way. There was a time when Falcon was fairly active in IRC (as The_Darklord), but later rarely visited and then just stopped all together.

He announced he was leaving for rmxp.org on April 10, 2007. His Leaving topic can be found here:Leaving RMRK

He came back April 26, 2007, as all the reasons he had for leaving were rendered invalid when they were either fixed, or the cause of the conflict was changed. His return topic can be found here: Blame Nouman for this.

Falcon was elevated to Moderator status in late 2007 and became known for flaming members who did not follow the rules.

Falcon's last post on the forum was on January 27, 2010, and he has not logged in since February 24, 2010.


Falcon was often curt and impatient with new users. This somewhat demonizes him, and so his generosity in Tutorials and Scripts is often overlooked by new users who he has been curt with. He is very serious about RPG making and sometimes the relaxedness of this forum can annoy him, since there are very few members who are competent with RPG Maker. By other more accomplished users, such as Nouman and Blizzard, he is generally well respected for his abilities, and his somewhat short temper with new users is justified.

Community Involvement

Mostly, his involvement was limited to the RM sections. He was generally very helpful though some people were unable to see past his curt way of speaking to recognize that he was helping them.

Forum Activity

Most of Falcon's posts are in Scripts, Script Request, and Game Creation General Chat.


His curtness causes many members to dislike him, including Irgna, who actually went through the trouble of making a list of people who dislike Falcon in to the wiki. This was promptly removed by HaloOfTheSun, but the drama that arises around Falcon is frequent. The two biggest issues were: 1) In his first leaving thread, mentioned above, and 2) the drama that arose from the reposting of Blizzard's Scripts by Anonymous (The discussion topic). In it, he was the primary antagonist toward the posting of the scripts, to the extent of threatening to leave (again), and accusing the mods of abuse. This riled up the anger of Arrow-1, who told Falcon that "If [he] continue[d] with [his] senseless flaming, whether it is part of [his] personality or not, [his] posts will simply cease to exist."


Falcon is probably best known for his Request a CMS thread: As well, he began the RMRK Student Teacher Organization (taken over by Nouman when Falcon left). He was probably one of the most important members who still uses RPG Maker, but many members do not know him because he does not post often outside of the RM section.

He was also the Guild Leader for BAG (Badass Awesomeness Guild) in the Guilds.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
Best RPG Maker User (Graphical)--
Biggest Member Moderator--
Most Mature Member--
2007 RMRK Awards
Biggest Drama Whore--
Favourite Staff Member--
2008 RMRK Awards
Best RPG Maker User (Mapping)3rd
Best RPG Maker User (Scripting)--
Best RPG Maker User (Technical)--
Favourite Staff Member-
Kindest Member-
Most Deserving of a Promotion-
2009 RMRK Awards
Favourite Staff Member-
2010 RMRK Awards
Most Missed Member-

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