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Position(s) Member
Join Date January 29, 2007
Member ID 3543
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Fadark entered into the RMRK scene in a manner similar to many who first join; he requested something. It was a simple request for a custom menu system, one that was promptly fulfilled (and later miscredited). Some blame the rapidity of the response to this first request, and some argue that it was just fated to be, but Fadark would go on to obliterate the requesting landscape of all opponents and over the few short months he was here, he would start over 50 request topics (and there are even more requests if you are to look through the various request shops like the Icon Shop), and perhaps more astonishing, over 400 of his meager 600 odd posts would be posted in these request topics, bumping repeatedly and, upon completion of a request, would often complain of how long it took and even, on rare occasions, would ask someone else to re-do the request.

While the sheer amount of requests is arguably the most annoying thing about Fadark, his habits of typing posts in colors and different sized words ended up annoying even those members who weren't even aware of his requesting habits. He has been often compared to Naphe, though this is rather unfair to Naphe.

After numerous complaints, Fadark did eventually try to get better and posted a thread apologizing for the way he had acted, and promising to improve his behavior. After this, his request level did drop a little bit.

He would finally leave RMRK after being criticized for the APOW ("Awesome Person of the Week") thread he made. His leaving topic, filled with the outlandish use of font stylization he was known for, insulted the majority of RMRK. The members he excluded from his "F You All!" insult were Biohazard, Rune, mastermoo420 and Landofshadows. Interestingly, his list of "liked" people was limited to 4 people, when over 30 people had fulfilled requests for him at RMRK.

Fadark Posting

Fadark's goodbye message. Notice the unusual posting style.
One of the most God awful ways of posting is Fadark posting. The use of fadark posting is to either look like a complete jackass/retard or to mimic fadark's homosexuality. Fadark posting is simply the use of almost every single post command to draw attention when you think you have something important to say. The use of colors, underlines, bolds, larger font, or all of the above in your post. Very rarely is text in a fadark "important" post in the normal format.

Awesome Person of the Week

Awesome Person of the Week was arguably the topic which finally got rid of the leech, this topic was started as an attempt by Fadark to "recognize awesome people". Many of the other members accused this of being a popularity bid, and due to the overwhelming hostility, the members of the forum finally succeeded in ridding RNMRK of Fadark. Oddly enough, Biohazard, who could be argued to be one of the most hostile people on the forums, was "the one chosen by fadark", a title which will haunt him probably for the rest of his forum life. This topic also serves well as research into the reasons why Fadark bugged so many people.


Fadark decided that one leaving post was not enough to make others feel the horrible anguish he has endured on the forums, and so he decided to post another. Probably contrary to his intention, the title of this topic turned out to be true when Roph proceeded to ban him.


Fadark was, in simplest terms, a leech. His ratio of contributions to requests is ridiculously low. Worse still, he is immature, often taking criticism of his annoying habits (requesting, posting in different font sizes, the list goes on) very harshly and generally being a big baby. In addition, he would near constantly tell people that he was 15, like it was either a huge accomplishment that he should be recognized for, or that it was a good excuse for his immaturity, and that due to his age, he should not be "persecuted" for his habits. He even made the first comment on his profile, suiting to his impatient, ingratuitous attitude with which he expected others to do everything for him.

Community Involvement

To quote NAMKCOR, "SO MANY REQUESTS, SO LITTLE TIME". He did post a windowskin or two, but this was the extent of his generosity (to my knowledge)

Forum Activity

Not surprisingly, well over half his posts are located in Resources and Scripts. He was also very active in RPG Maker Projects/Games


Even aside from Awesome Person of the Week, he would often take comments about him very personally and very poorly, which caused him to carry grudges against many of the members. He had no patience with anybody, and overall his immaturity caused minor drama throughout his time at the forum. The only major occurrence was the APOW thread, however.


He made three projects while he was here. The first was a standard RPG called Light's Shadow (abandoned at 95% done because he couldn't get the chocobo character sets for his mini-game, which apparently was so crucial to his game that he could not finish it without it), the second was called Stick Warriors, a shooter game, and the third was [Pacman's Adventure Home http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,14695.0.html]. He was starting on a fourth game as well, Elemental Passage. He was also very concerned that they weren't getting enough attention, and so he was eager to change the Project of the Month thread, though he failed in that attempt. Ironically, it was probably this thread which inspired him to create the ill-fated APOW

2007 RMRK Awards

2007 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Post Of The Yearmodern algebra, mastermoo4207 (23.3%)1st
Thread Of The Yearmodern algebra, mastermoo420, Leventhan, NAMKCOR10 (35.7%)1st
Biggest Drama WhoreNAMKCOR, Fred8 (25%)1st (tied with Deliciously_Saucy
Most Immature MemberNAMKCOR, Skanker8 (23.5%)2nd

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