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A new membergroup that several members have now found themselves in. Easily noticeable thanks to a new badge appearing on their postbits, and their orange colour in the members online list. All current staff members are also in this group, though their mod colours / badges preside over the "Extra Access" badge (
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) and colour.

Going off the name of the group and also the coy secrecy in which members reply when asked just what "extra access" they have, the general opinion is that they have access to one or more extra forums on RMRK.

This was inadvertantly confirmed by staff. Some people suspected that it was the Mod forum that these people had access to, though staff stated that the forum they could now see was not the mod hut.

I wonder what goes on in there? :o

Notable Events

As much as he may deny it, Irockman1 really, really wants in, though much to the amusement of current members, he is denied. Silly Irock... Trix are for kids!