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RMRK's Dad

Join Date 03-09-2009
Member ID 8478
Status Active
RMRK Member


EvilM00s joined RMRK one gloomy September in an effort to learn how to use the RMVX software. When he discovered the rich community of the forums here, his activity branched out to The Sewers and Forum Games. One of his first acts on the forums was to make his own "Ask A Stereotype" threads. He is a loser who started his own wiki page.

On March 13, 2012, EvilM00s agreed with Irock for the first time.


EvilM00s likes to challenge perceptions. This is met with mixed feelings, but usually spurs fellow RMRKers to dig deep into their opinions and often leads to some interesting conversations. Since he's a bit older than most members, he can sometimes seem out of touch or downright... well, patronly, but he generally tries to be understanding and to have an open mind.

Community Involvement

EvilM00s was involved in the 2009 guilds with the Brute Squad, and has produced a small amount of material for The Librarium and a few crappy icons in the Resources page. He was nominated for a few RMRK Awards, and actually won Best Newbie 2009, but is most proud of Zylos' declaration that if LadyJules was RMRK's mom, EvilM00s was its dad. He is likewise proud to have given Gracie the idea for her radio show's name.

Forum Activity

From the Sewers to Elitist Debate, EvilM00s can appear anywhere. His favorite board, however, remins the Projects board, where he remains active in RM game creation and development- one of the few veterans to do so.


While not directly involved in hardcore drama per se, he does have a happy war with Irock which will flare up from time to time.


EvilM00s has been working on a Final Fantasy spin-off for almost 3 years now. The development goes through periods of inactivity followed by hysterical updating, and he is constantly re-writing the core aspects of the game every time he finds something new. It may take a while longer to see its release.

2009 RMRK Awards

EvilM00s was nominated in the following categories:

M00s placed first in Best Newbie and third in Biggest Forum Potato.

EvilM00s' RMRK profile