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  • Join Date: Never

Ermacrules32 never actually became a member of the forums. Back in late 2005, when the forums still had a board for Login and Registration Problems, a guest with the username Ermacrules32 posted, saying he never got his activation e-mail, and that Crankeye should just activate his account for him. Several members told him that there was an option to resend the activation e-mail, but Ermac refused. He was told this was his best option, because Crankeye wasn't very active, and he was the only one to do it.

Later Ermac revealed that he registered with a false e-mail address, because he didn't want anyone to know his real one. By this point, the members were fed up with him. Other than Crankeye, pegasusgamer2005 was the only one with powers of this particular board, and he only came by Crankeye maybe once a week. So, the topic stayed unlocked.


Members started impersonating him, by logging out, and posting there as a guest, so it often became confusing to tell when the real Ermacrules32 was posting, and not an imposter. Of the known imposters were Cloud Master and Dr_Swordopolis. Ermacrules32 then began to move on to posting in the Spam forum, as back then guests were allowed to post there, and he started posting in the forum for the guilds, as, once again, guests were allowed to post there, too.

New Moderators

This also happened to take place during the Spam Crisis, and so members such as Inaru and Master_of_Time were creating topics, telling Crankeye there needed to be more mods around the forums. Eventually pegasus locked the topics, and shortly after Crankeye stopped by. He removed the Login And Registration Problems board, and it was also at this point that dwarra, therophster, and HaloOfTheSun were given moderator status.

Ermacrules32 never figured out how to register at the forums, or, more likely he was only there to cause trouble.