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The Intelligent Debate forum viewed under the default skin on December 31st 2006


The Intelligent Debate forum was created back when the RMRK Forums were approaching the end of Version 1. The reason was that as RMRK's member and posting rate continued to rise, more and more discussions were getting heated. More debates on comtroversial topic arose, and indeed more members became more voiced in their opinions.

Before the forum's creation, most of these topics were either in Spam or General Chat. Intelligent debate served as a new home for these topics.

In 2007, the name was changed to Elitist Debate, reflecting the general attitude of the regular posters there.


At first, it seemed members were somewhat reluctant to post in the forum. Perhaps because it was a place specifcally designed for such posts, whereas before the topics had sort of come about naturally. But over time, the forum became used as much as the others. About a third of Intelligent Debate's topics are not created there and are in fact either moved there from other forums, or are new threads that have been split from others when discussion has become heated.

Many debates have started in this forum; most fall, but some stand strong. Those that remain include:

"Life is not worth living, or is it?",

"Why are girls more important than boys",

"Reives' Dmensional Time Theory",


"God and Hell",

"So when America Attacks Northern Korea, What do YOU think?"

(the list goes on).

It appears that the most heated discussions arise from moral issues. Namely, religion. It is rare to see a topic in Intelligent Debate concerning religion that isn't locked. This is NOT because of any prejudice or a mod abusing their powers. (contrary to populer belief) The fact is, it's a touchy subject. Many become defensive (even the best of the best) and start to flame others. Some get offensive and flame others. The fact is, most religious debates don't last for a few reasons -

1. - They don't get off to a good start. (The author is offensive in the initial post)

2. - They're completely pointless and/or stupid. (You'd think this would be rare, but many pointless topics have been produced)

3. - Flaming. (The most common)


People you are most likely to see in Elitist Debate are:


Jesus Hitler






There are many more, feel free to add any missing ones.

Top Debaters

(Alphabetically listed, in no rank of preeminence)


Moderation of Intelligent Debate can be tricky, and moderators are encouraged to not use bias when moderating a certain member or topic on a certain subject, though when debating turns to childish namecalling, a moderator will step in. Usually just offering a reminder about their posts.

Spam is also looked down upon perhaps most heavily in intelligent debate. Most posts like these are deleted upon sight.


Elitist Debate