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Aliases Kairo
Join Date September 7, 2005
Member ID 879
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Dwarra showed up and before long became accepted into the community. He quickly became known for his skill at mapping in RPG Maker. After he joined The Dark Masters Guild, he was recommended to be the Mapping Group leader. He declined thisposition, but still wanted to help map, and help others improve on their mapping.

He also seemed to have a knack for knowing where a topic should go and putting a stop to arguments. He did this so well, he was made a moderator in a very short time, within 2 months of his arrival, alongside HaloOfTheSun and Roph, or as he was known then, therophster. Dwarra was well known for his skill at producing maps, and maps and guides were often requested from him.

Later, after he claimed he was leaving, he came back in the form of a new member: Kairo. Only a select few, such as blueXx knew this was dwarra, and to the majority of the forums, this was just someone new.

Not too much after this he revealed himself as dwarra, and then resumed his old account, this time without moderator priveliges.

As A Moderator

Shortly after the new mods were given their status, they were given global moderator status. It was often said that dwarra abused his power. This often caused debates in the forums, as members were upset that their topics were locked, claiming it was done unfairly. Many of the members still felt he was fair, and was doing a great job.

Later though, he became bored with the forums, and resigned from his position. After doing so he wasn't so nice to fellow members anymore, and became disliked by most. This is how he is often remembered, and is why he was nominated in the Hero To Zero category in the 2006 RMRK Awards.


Dwarra has left his mark; he worked hard to keep the forums in order but also found time to be one of the funniest members around.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Dwarra's involvement at RMRK has completely declined; though erratic reports of him joining IRC have occurred.


As many members, dwarra severely disliked Mental, and decided to create the I Hate Mental Fanclub. Although he would deny it, this was one thing that actually seemed to make Mental angry; so much to the point that Crankeye removed all the banner dwarra made from everyone's signature.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Hero To ZeroZypher, FuMannChu, Nightwolf, Angelic_Diablo, Zeriab, Lominisio, GilgameshRO14 (60.9%)1st
Best RPG Maker User (Graphical)Zeriab1 (3.7%)5th (tied with Darklord

2007 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Lamest Running Gagarlen, Dark Angel Sion4 (14.8%)4th (tied with Smiley overuse)
Most Missed Memberlandofshadows, GilgameshRO1 (2.9%)5th (tied with Westfield and Neosiris)
Best Veteranlandofshadows0 (0%)6th

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