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RMRK Features a donation system whereby members can contribute money to help with running RMRK.

RMRK's Expenses

RMRK currently costs approximately 400 GBP (or approx 800 USD) to operate annually, most of which being servers (Web server and seperate hosting specifically for file downloads) and other miscellaneous things like domain registration and misc. licences. Almost all of this is currently paid by Silverline, the rest being covered mostly by the small stream of revenue from the advertisements shown to guests, and a smaller still percentage being donations from members.

How to Donate

At the bottom of the forums is a link to go to PayPal and donate. This is currently the only way for users to donate. A PayPal account is not required to donate. You can also use this secure link to donate.

Perks from donating?

There are basically none, aside from the month-lasting donator badge:
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. RMRK gives full privelages to all members and does not limit things that would otherwise be limited and only available to donators, such as PM box size or forum access.


Specific amounts are not disclosed for privacy & confidentiality.

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