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Join Date April 28, 2007
Member ID 4196
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Dollmage is a cool guy. From the start, he was a helpful and productive member, displaying his amazing talent in spriting with some excellent sideview battlers that quickly made their way into the database. This topic can be found here: Battler Collection English does not appear to be his first language. I don't know too much about him because he apparently didn't post a member factfile. He has a girlfriend!


Like I said, Dollmage is a pretty cool guy. He's always chill and helpful.

Forum Activity

He spends most of his time on the site posting in the Resources followed by Resources Database because his battlers are so ownage and his generosity inspires him to help as many people as possible with them and with their own requests.


To date, only one person has got into an argument with dollmage, Tharantyr, over the sharing of a battler he requested. Believing that the battler would be unique to his game, Tharantyr felt deceived by Dollmage when he learned that it was being publicly shared. dollmage kept his cool very well, dealing with the situation in the best way possible. Other members soon derided Tharantyr for his accusations and his assumptions, and he left the topic.


Dollmage has shown exceptional talent and generosity, devoting much of his time making fantastic battlers upon request. The topic: White Ties battler requests. Currently, he is sharing 13 exceptional battlers with the community.

Dollmage is currently also in league with many people at the Rubygames forums in a team of a couple of people (Rubymatt the team leader, SirJackRex the co-leader, followed by members: grafikal007, Skanker, mastermoo420, Irockman1, and Final-Knight according to the Rubygames forum's description of the members) who are currently in the makings of an MMORPG that has completely halted for I don't know why.

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