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Aliases None
Position(s) Member
Join Date 05 May 2011
Member ID 18214
Status Active
RMRK Member

The Doctor's in!


DoctorTodd can be seen on many of the forum boards. He has been seen creating a few sprites here and there for RPG Maker, along with some newly created scripts.


DoctorTodd can be seen in almost all Welcome threads created by new members of the community. In these threads he offers his warmest welcome and recently has become creative in the way that he does this (often using images to display the welcome note rather than plain old text).

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Interestingly, DoctorTodd spends a lot of time in the Script Requests sub-forum despite having only created a few scripts himself.

He has also shown a high post count in the Games Creation General Chat, asking for help in encrypting his game files and scripting ideas among other things.


DoctorTodd created a thread in the Welcome board stating that he had intentions not to be as active on RMRK as he normally is due to the fact that he feel under-appreciated. This was left with many sad faces to be shown along with many members stating that they do not know who he is. The thread managed to turn into a laugh for some people, as reminders that some people don't care and other reminders that respect needs to be earned were posted.

Despite this thread, DoctorTodd is still as active as ever in the forums.


DoctorTodd has worked on a game that eventually became an abandoned project.

He is currently working on a game called: The Disaster Keep.

He has also created a couple of scripts, and hopefully many more are to come.


Picture Menu

Simple Modded Menu

One Person Menu

One Person Battle Status

Three Actor Menu


"I'm ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception)" - DoctorTodd

"Every time I enter a mall I always begin to randomly and uncontrollably trip." - DoctorTodd

"WELCOME" - DoctorTodd

"Well if'n ya (DoctorTodd) ever find yerself in these parts agin, pull up a chair and sit a spell." - LadyJ

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