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Aliases Djang, DJ, Emilio Hernandez, LSDRex
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Join Date November 12, 2006
Member ID 3048
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


  • Name: Emily
  • Weight: Four metric tonnes
  • she likes beige

Djangonator joined RMRK on a reference from FuMannChu. Although her original intent was to troll, the members of RMRK grew on her and she decided to stick around.


How to summarise the entire palette of a painting this large? (no, that's not a fat joke). Well you could always start with Djang's loud personality, with an emo facade played all too well and her straight forward, frank mannerism, many new members, or disliked RMRKers, can find her to be a turn off, but to many she is very much loved for her sarcastic remarks, and enjoyable styles.

A complex personality, mixed with a compelling and dark life, makes Djang a truly unique, and valued member of RMRK.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

While Djangonator doesn't visit the forums on a regular basis, she certainly makes an impression with her posts. With her unique -666 rep, and an avatar of Satan (pictured), you know she is here to make a certain, often highly humorous, impression. While she may not grace the forums to such an extent, she has made quite a home of the RMRK IRC, being a useful OP, and a delightfully funny person to chat with (normally at the expense of another member).

Djang was made admin for around a minute on 16 May 2007. Really, not even kidding.

Djang's name in red, signifying her status as admin


In IRC, Djang is known for playing practical jokes with Zypher, their most well-known being the time they pretended to enter a relationship then have a huge fight. They where quite convincing in their burlesque, and had many RMRK members believing they where in a real, romantic relationship.

As the tides change, so did the mochery of their act, and in a twist of fate, both Djang and Zypher realised they had developed feelings for each other, and decided to enter a real, internet relationship.

Sadly as of late, the two developed indifferences and split up.

As of March 31, 2007, 09:00:13 PM, Djang and Zypher have officially made up <3

Actually, scratch that last bit.

When FuMannChu found out about Zypher and Djangonator, he became upset and started flaming Djang along with Jesus Hitler. He continued to do this in IRC as well, until he was banned, and then later was banned for the same reason at the forums.


Djangonator is currently married to the wonderful, amazing, sexy, perfect, completely irresistable GilgameshRO.

2006 RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Best NewbieFuMannChu, GilgameshRO, Zeriab3 (12%2nd (tied with Holkeye)

2007 RMRK Awards

2007 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Most Attractive Female MemberNightwolf, EVAProject01, jap09111 (4.2%)5th (tied with Dark Angel Sion


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