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Aliases Dertt, known to Anski as "Faggot," referred to by Irock as "ugh, that guy"
Position(s) Member
Join Date August 23, 2007
Member ID 4827
Status Active
RMRK Member


Dertt appeared on RMRK in the summer of 2007. No one acknowledged him until he posted something which inexplicably compelled HaloOfTheSun to call him an idiot. Suddenly the entirety of the forum decided that Dertt was an idiot, but then Halo came to find him amusing, and the opinions of most other posters became neutral once more.


While Dertt seems to be one of the more accommodating members of RMRK, giving even the most hated or hostile posters a chance when no one else will, his posts can sometimes be very biting and vitriolic. However, even when provoked, he has never directly flamed another member. He has never really given anyone a real reason to hate him, but even still, Anski is known to have some indeterminate issue with him. Also, he's a loser who started his own Wiki page.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Most of Dertt's time on RMRK is spent hovering around the sewers and the RMXP-related boards.


Prior to joining the forums, Dertt had begun work on a project known as "Clericus" (sometimes seen with the subtitle "Shapers of History"). After posting his project topic, he came to the realisation that everything he'd done so far sucked, and so he began implementing several nice new features, as well as painstakingly re-mapping, re-eventing, rewriting, and essentially re-envisioning the entire game. Recently, though, a large amount of the project data because corrupted, and the future of Clericus is uncertain.

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