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Aliases DS, Saucy, Dr_Sexalicious
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Join Date December 26, 2006, left August 22, 2007
Member ID 3302
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


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You would.

When DS (as she is most commonly called) showed up in RMRK, she claimed to be male and was widely considered rather annoying, often posting ridiculous comments in Intelligent Debate and would even mention the incestual relationship between him and his cousin. Later, however, Saucy proclaimed this was all an act, and she was actually a girl. No one believed this and proof was demanded. DS posted a picture allegedly of herself, and then later a picture with "RMRK" written on her arm.

Even still, a majority of members assumed DS was lying about being female, and was doing this to garner attention. But those who did believe, and a handful of other "special" members, received nude photos of Saucy in their PM boxes.

Eventually, Saucy won over the majority of members, as her posts then became contributive as well as intelligent. The few members who still claimed she was still a guy had their argument broken apart after Saucy made a donation to RMRK, and Silverline was then able to see her real life information, and confirm that DS was female.

When the RMRK Extra forum was created, she was a moderator there. She soon became a moderator over the entire forums, though this was removed later on, as discussed later in the article.

Losing Moderator Status

D_S lost her moderating powers after the Reposting of Blizzard's Scripts by Anonymous, in which she advocated against removing the scripts. Falcon went so far as to accuse her of posting them to begin with. Some members consdier this as unlikely as she merged the topics, which, if she had been the poster, she would probably have done to begin with, rather than after the fact, even though some of the staff had already confessed that she was the one using the Anonymous account. While neither Roph nor she has commented on the reasons why she is no longer a moderator, it is suspected by some that she quit, not wanting to be part of a staff which censored the posts of members (Quote: "the only reason I'm at this site is that it does not oppress it's members"). By others, it is assumed that there was a long series of incidents which led to her departure, citing this quote from Roph as evidence: "After a long stint of being insulting and condescending in ID to the point of driving people out, and then this, saucy lost his mod-ness." At the very least, it can be assumed that Roph and D_S did not end on good footing.

Leaving RMRK

Mere days after the incident cited above, Saucy posted her leaving topic. Whether it was her pride insulted or just, as she has said on many occasions, that she does not want to be a member of an 'oppressive' forum, she left on August 22.


Most of the time DS is a nice member, and has no problem joining in on whatever immature fad is going on in Spam at the time. However, she can be ruthless in Intelligent Debate, especially in topics concerning religion. Even still, she doesn't seem to be able to tell when she has crossed the line of aggressive debating and flat out insulting, often causing serious drama. This was especially noticeable when she debated Blizzard.

Community Involvement

She was the first person to donate to RMRK

Forum Activity

She actively posts in Spam, Intelligent Debate, and General Chat.

2007 RMRK Awards

D_S was nominated for the following categories

D_S won 1st place in the Biggest Drama Whore category (tied with Fadark). She came in 2nd in Hero To Zero (tied with Blizzard) and in [[Most Missed Member[[. She placed 3rd in Most Attractive Female Member and Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space.

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