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Aliases Dalton, DT, Teh Dalton, Death Trooper, Tyhan
Join Date December 16, 2005
Member ID 1549
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


DeathTrooper, like most, came to RMRK because of RPG Maker. He worked mildly on making resources. He was fairly active at first, and then stopped posting altogether. From time to time he would regain activity for a few days and then leave again.

It's very likely that DeathTrooper was one of (if not THE) first member to make a leaving topic in Welcome, primarily to see if anyone would post being upset about it, and then come back again. Usually he would come back to see who posted in his leaving topic. But occasionally he would post in The Sewers about how much the forums sucked. What usually followed were posts from members taunting him about how he said he was never coming back.

Something peculiar which occurred in one such topic was a member addressing him as "Death Trooper", rather than "DeathTrooper". Dalton got incredibly upset about them (most likely accidently) separating the two words with a space. This led to other members calling him Death Trooper. HaloOfTheSun even briefly changed Dalton's username to Death Trooper and put a word filter on DeathTrooper to Death Trooper, until he threw a fit about it and Halo changed it back. Ironically DT requested his name be changed to Teh Dalton, space included.


First and foremost Dalton is known as a furry. So much so that a smiley on the forum is made in his "honor". (:dalton:) He is widely considered to be emo, due to how upset he gets over trivial things. This is rather bizarre when you consider the fact FuMannChu and he got along well together, since Fu was always expressing his hatred for emos.

Community Involvement

DeathTrooper was involved for a very short time in The Soft Souls guild, since shortly after he joined the guilds were disbanded.

Forum Activity

Most of posts can be found in The Sewers. You can also find several of his posts in Advanced Troubleshooting now, even though back then it was simply Troubleshooting. He was also known to post in Creativity Outlet, now Gallery and The Librarium.


In short, Dalton was a drama queen. He would always make everything out to be worse than it was and this caused other members to constantly harass him.

2006 RMRK Awards

DeathTrooper was nominated in the following categories:

He tied for 3rd in Most Immature Member with FuMannChu, Naphe, and Blizzard Odin.

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