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Karo Rushe
Karo Rushe
Aliases Dark Angel Sion, DAS, Caro Ru Lushe, Caro's MO NO BE, Maria Traydor, Karo, Karo Rushe, Sunny Milk
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Join Date October 3, 2006?
Member ID 2827
Status Active
RMRK Member


Karo Rushe joined RMRK back in 2006 as Dark Angel Sion, though she mentioned having had an account previously that had been lost. She is a nice, helpful girl who is talented with RPG Maker XP and fond of anime characters. Given any opportunity, she will pull out an image or gif animation of an anime character to expresses her emotions or just make you smile (although a good many of them involve large breasts and/or tasteful naughtiness for some reason).

Karo is a lady of many names. Most of the older members remember her as Dark Angel Sion (often just DAS for short) since it was her name when she first joined. However, she has since changed her name several times, starting with Caro Ru Lushe and evolving up to what most newer members know her as: Karo Rushe.


Karo is a light-hearted girl, playful and silly but not naive. In general, Karo is well liked and known as someone who is friendly to just about everyone and easy to get along with.

She is also suspected to be a lesbian, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Community Involvement

Karo is a fairly involved individual in the community. Being an excellent spriter and mapper, she is often seen helping out in the game creation sections. Apparently she also used to be owned by Deliciously_Saucy along with jap0911.

Forum Activity

Most of Karo's posts are in the Sewers, Anime and Manga, and Game Creation sections.


Karo was a prolific game maker working on several games, though most seem to have come across some problems and had to be scrapped: Legend of Shanara Chapter 1: Shattered Blades, Legend of Shanara: The Lost Chapters: Radiant Garden, and Legend of Shanara Chapter 2: The FalseBound Kingdoms. One of the largest and most popular projects she ever worked on was The Soul-Raves 1: Nocturne Gospel, a remake of the original games she had been trying to make before having problems.

In 2008, Karo was involved with the newly revived Guilds as a member of the BAG (Badass Awesome Guild) team. She was again a part of the Guilds competition in 2009, as a member of the Homosexual Agenda.

2007 RMRK Awards

DAS was nominated in the following categories:

2008 RMRK Awards

DAS was nominated in the following categories:

Arrow Sez...

DAS is awesome. |:3



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