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Aliases None known
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Join Date December 23, 2006
Member ID 3290
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Although Darico joined 2 years ago, he has had long periods of inactivity. While active, Darico usually prefers to stay within the RPGmaker threads but is occasionally seen posting in other threads aswell.


Darico is generally a nice person, giving support on many fields, and normally doesn't get involved in flame wars.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

Darico posts mainly in the RPGmaker threads but also spends time in the Community, Entertainment and Welcome forums. Gerenally speaking, Darico likes to avoid The Sewers and any topics that become heated in an attempt to keep everybody happy by not getting involved.


Darico trys to avoid as much drama as possible, and it is rare to see him getting involved with anything of the kind.


Darico has previously worked on a Puzzle Tutorial for RMXP which is currently in the Tutorial Database. However, this project was abandoned mid-2007 after only four different puzzles.

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