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RMRK Credits


RMRK Was started in Late 2002 by Crankeye.


RMRK Currently runs on its own Virtual Private Server:

  • 50GB Partition
  • 768MB dedicated, up to 1.5GB burstable RAM
  • Latest CentOS stable release
  • 5Mb/s dedicated, up to 100Mb/s burstable connection
  • Latest stable releases of mySQL and PHP
  • We make use of APC (Alternative PHP Cache) to cache and serve compiled pages, which makes for a great speed boost thanks to the entire site being served dynamically. SMF 2.0 also support's APC user variable caching, providing a further speed boost.
  • Latest recently released versions of WHM/CPanel.
  • Sphinx Search Server to provide search results. The resource usage is so incredibly low, even guests are allowed full search permissions.

This currently handles RMRK and all the other sites on the server just fine, with plenty of headroom. Average page loads per day are usually in the 20 to 30 thousand range. Our mySQL database is approaching 500mb, and receives an average of 15 queries per second.

Look & Layout


A.K.A. "The Light Theme" - Used to be the forum default, though has now been superseded by RMRK2 - DARK. It is a simple edit of an SMF theme named ORANGE-LT; originally just orange bits re-coloured purple, though over time has accumulated more and more changes.


A.K.A. "The Dark Theme" - A more adventurous edit of RMRK2 - the entire forum's colours are changed to a dark purple, with light text. In May 07, this became the new forum default.


A novelty theme created for and forced on all users for valentine's day '07 and '08. It remains a selectable theme, though is not kept updated with the latest features that the other themes have (such as dropdown menus).


A.K.A. "RMRK GRASS" or "the grass theme" - Created for Djangonator. A natural theme with light colours and a distinctive fields background. Main colours are white along with light blue and green.


The newest RMRK version out so far! Made to fit the theme on, this theme is very cool looking no matter what chewey may say.

All current forum themes are created or adapted by Silverline.

2008 Redesign

The main site's new layout was created by Roph, and following after was a matching forum theme. Generally this is referred to as "RMRK4", and the forum theme's name is RMRK4-Lite.


RMRK Utilises the free SMF forum system. The forum was converted from phpBB. For a list of all people with varying degrees of authority or power on the forums, see the Staff Category of users.

The forum runs various mods, edits and "hacks":

  • Profile Comments - SMF Modification
  • Spoiler Tag - SMF Modification
  • [mp3] Tag - Written by Silverline
  • [flv] Tag - Written by Silverline
  • Advanced Postbits - Written by Silverline
  • RMRK Level System - Written by Silverline
  • Show Buddies on Profile - Edited SMF Modification
  • Java Chat Integration - Written by Silverline
  • Dropdown user menus - Written by Silverline
  • Application system - Written by Silverline (Implemented as the system for project subforum applications)