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Fulfilling your creative desires. Stories, comics, art, poems, photographs, etc. All are welcome.

The Creativity Outlet was made while the forums were at version 2. Many members were having trouble deciding where to post their art and stories, and usually just used General Chat. It was suggested to Crankeye to create a forum especially for this, and thus, the Creativity Outlet was born.

Members used the forum as a means to exhibit their creativity, most of which was either music or drawing, though sometimes other forms show up, such as poetry.

Branching Off

In version 4, the Creativity Outlet branched off into four sections: The Auditorium, the Gallery, The Librarium (no one is quite sure why it isn't just called "The Library"), and Everything Else. The night they were created, Silverline, HaloOfTheSun, arrowone, and Zypher had to move every topic in Creativity Outlet to their respective new forum.