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Jump to: navigation, search is a website owned by Roph. It currently serves as an IRC quotes database.

He registered it on April 15th, 2006, with the original intent simply to hold it for safekeeping. Though later on when the forums began to experience worse downtime, he put up notices with any information he had on when might be back up.

When the site finally crashed, Roph setup a forum on, which proved to be popular. Around this time, the IRC Channel saw it's first major use also.

After the main site and forums were restored, fell into disuse again. It was used by Roph for various miscellaneous things not related to RMRK, though that was eventually lost in the crash that also wiped out, as they were on the same hosting.

Quote Database is now home to a quote database system, by which anybody can submit chat quotes and (if they are approved) they are added to the database. Quotes from RMRK (or a few select other sites) are more likely to be approved, as are other funny, interesting or cool quotes. The database features over 700 unique quotes.

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