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Aliases Krabboss
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Join Date June 26, 2007
Member ID 4561
Status Active
RMRK Member

Chewey joined RMRK during late June. He begun his days by spamming and trolling, but he has grown into a nice guy since that. Mostly.


Chewey's first posts were in the Off-Topic forum, so right away everyone had a basic idea about what he was going to be like. Indeed an oddity, there are people around RMRK that either just put up with him or even think he's funny. Most people find him a cool guy and favor him nowadays.

He is another of Silverline's friends from FFShrine. This is presumably why he was given his own subforum of Off-Topic, CHEWEY'S SPAM FORUM. His subforum has become quite inactive of late, though.


Most members find Chewey immature and annoying. He doesn't really seem to mind this so much, which other members see as (in a way) admirable. However, he is starting to make more serious posts in Video Games and he raises valid points at times.

Community Involvement

He used to paint portraits of members of RMRK; however, due to them taking so much time he stopped doing this. He attempted to make an RMRK game in flash, however flash crashed near the completion of the game and thus all of it was lost.

Forum Activity

He mostly posts in Video Games and The Sewers; however, he admits that he doesn't do anything noteworthy to RMRK and is sad about this.

2008 RMRK Awards

Chewey was nominated in the following categories:

Chewey won the 2nd place Most Unsung Member award, and tied with firerain for the 3rd place Zero to Hero award. Also, in an amazing feat, he somehow managed to bend the gender barrier, and claim the 3rd place Most Attractive Female Member award.


[14:35] <Irockman1> I just wanna score

[14:35] <Irockman1> Get some chick

[14:35] <Irockman1> With big boobs

[14:35] <Irockman1> And like tie her down


Why would you ban someone from spamming in a spam forum?

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