Captain Callahan

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Captain Callahan
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Aliases zshadowzero27, zshadow_rc, Captain Callahan
Position(s) Unknown
Join Date October 21, 2005
Member ID 1190
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Captain Callahan first joined RMRK by watching his brother mangadude5760 on the site just about everyday. He then decided to join Crankeye, His first name was zshadowzero27 when he first joined. He was called zshadow or shadow most of the time by the members all around the forum. Also, He is known for his spamming and flame wars with members back then all through out 2005 and half way through 2006. He and blueXx would never get along.

They're fighting spread all over the forum, unlike most flame wars which are usually contained in Spam. Eventually, a temp ban was place on the two, and when they came back, they no longer fought with each other, and even started to get along.

Captain Callahan started to lose interest in RMRK. Mostly he just didn't like the feel of the forum. So he left for some time and left to other forums and myspace.

After a long time, Captain Callahan had finaly renewed his interest into the forums thanks to Zxmelee. He came back to the forums with a name change and a new person. He had matured alot since the last time he had been on the forums. He doesn't want to become what he was in the past, he just wants to leave all of that behind him and move on.


At the start of Crankeye, Captain zshadowzero27 was a very cocky, arrogant, immature kid just trying to get attention, spamming often, thus leading to a very high post count in a short amount of time. But after his return in 2007 he has grown up and he is a great person. He is a very nice person once you get to know him. He did however make friends with many members, such as Master_of_Time, HaloOfTheSun, and Ramiro.

Captain Callahan's top things to do all of the time include.

  • Be with his Girlfriend.
  • Go Skateboarding.
  • Play his Electric Guitar.
  • Play Video Games.
  • Do Stunts, like the ones you see on Jackass.
  • Drawing.
  • Listen to Music.

Community Involvement

zshadowzero27 was a member of The Dark Masters guild.

Forum Activity

Captain Callahan is an active member in Forum Games, Resources, and the former Projects/Games section, which is now Abandoned Projects.

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